Today marks another day of new beginnings as I open this Word Press account and launch myself into blogging.

Why start blogging? Well, I entered into a Life Coaching training program a year ago in July. The program is “Equine Gestalt Coaching Method.” Yes, a program that utilizes the beauty and healing nature of horses to assist the clientele towards wholeness.

Once I have completed the program I will be launching my new business “A Tail of New Beginnings.” In the meantime, I will keep those who are interested in the loop with posting of my website completion and how I am progressing along in my training.

If I start blogging now I hope to gain a good-sized audience to read my blogs and help spread the word of my new business. However, more importantly, I do hope that people who read my blog posts will find inspiration, hope, love, authenticity, community, and a general feeling of well-being when they read the blogs.

So, for now, here is to yet another new beginning in my life!

Cheers, Vonie