As long as I could remember, I had wanted a horse and much to my surprise (I am no longer surprised at what the Universe does for us) in November 2004, I became a horse owner for the first time. How this all came about was interesting and is another story in itself. At the time I purchased my first horse, Royal, the only thing I knew is that I loved horses. I also did not have any knowledge about the care and feeding of horses. So, Kim, Royal’s previous owner taught me and, in the process, she became my best friend. As I learned and grew in my horsemanship skills, Royal and I became a TEAM! Riding him, caring for him, learning from him, and about myself through my horse experiences created a completely new world for me. Little did I know that this new world of horsemanship was just the beginning of what was brewing for my future?

Royal has since passed but not before he led me towards a new life…He was the catalyst that brought me to “A Tail of New Beginnings.” Prior to his departure from this world, I added another member to our team, Cody. Cody was three at the time of his arrival into our small herd of two. Cody was a rescue horse from “Serenity Equine Rescue” in Kent, WA. Lorrin, Cody’s foster mom, became another one of my dearest friends. Meeting Lorrin and purchasing Cody created yet another, new beginning, leading me towards the “Equine Gestalt Coaching Method.” EGCM is a coaching method that sometimes incorporates my horse(s) in the coaching process.

In November 2012, I left my husband and moved from Washington State to Utah where I ultimately found myself unemployed and unable to find a job in my career field. After several months of loss, loneliness, fears, disappointment, and situational depression, I moved to Colorado for a job. The job– though in my career field–was, by no means, the job I wanted to be doing. I found myself even more uncertain as to my future. I continued to look for work that would bring a sense of wholeness, a feeling of worth, a job that would satisfy my need to help others, a job that I would love doing, and have recognition for my contributions. At that time in my life, I often described it as being in a toilet bowl that would not stop flushing. I am happy to report that is no longer the case!

In June of 2014, my friend Lorrin had also moved, and was living in New Mexico. She was often traveling up to Longmont, Colorado for workshops in a Life Coaching program that she had entered into. Often times she would stop and visit me, Royal and Cody. When Royal passed, Lorrin was the healing hand to assist me with his passing. On one particular visit, over dinner, Lorrin and I were discussing the program she had been studying. I was fascinated and asked many questions about it. She encouraged me to look further into the program and to consider submitting an application. I explored and felt that it was what I had been looking for. Let the journey begin anew again! I decided.

Fast forward to July 2015, I have completed one year of the training to be a Life Coach through “Equine Gestalt Coaching Method.” I have another year of work to do to complete the program and become certified but each day is one-step closer to “A Tail of New Beginnings,” the name my Life Coaching business will bear when I finally reach my graduation and can say that I am certified.