Current One-on-One Coaching Options

In Person, Via Skype, and Over the Phone! The beauty of phone coaching is we don’t even have to live in the same state.

 Unlike counseling or other therapy modalities, Life Coaching is about helping you discover “what” in your life is holding you back from completing your goals and creating a balanced and fulfilling life. Having a clear picture is the tipping point in moving forward and leaving the past behind.

Together we will design a course of action that works and supports you in your achievements. I will be the listener and the cheering section while providing the encouragement and guidance needed for you to achieve the victories, wins, triumphs and “aha” moments where understanding and doing come together.

Are you ready to make the changes to live your “BEST” Life?



Option One –

A One-hour session – in person, Skype, or a phone conversation. You choose!


Together we’ll do some brainstorming; you’ll receive continued support, gain feedback and find accountability in your everyday life.

Option Two – (for existing and previous clients requiring further assistance)

A 30-minute phone session, Unlimited Email support

$150 per month

SMART PLAN – 3-months
NO contract!

A one-hour initial intake session, five 30-minute phone sessions, mixed with Unlimited Email support.



A one-hour initial intake session, three 30-minute phone sessions per month and Unlimited Email support.

$510 per month

Please Note: A 3-month commitment is required and a 6-month commitment will get even more accomplished.


A one-hour initial intake session, four 30-minutes phone sessions, every other week, and Unlimited Email support.


Eight weeks of intense “Get Er Done” action. Getting you moving and accomplishing a specific goal will be the action plan for the greater possibility of success.

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