I’m Vonie, a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach, and horsewoman dedicated to helping women to Heal Their Hearts and Love Their Lives.

Healing through horses is not your typical life coaching session.


What can a life coach do for you?
  • Find clarity in life transitions.
  • Heal the emotional traumas of the past.
  • Take responsibility for your spiritual and physical health?
  • Discover a deeper connection to your authentic self.
  • Change that which is, holding you back?
It Starts With…
  • An exploration of your current state – bringing closure to the past and releasing that which holds the mind and body hostage.
  • Healing through the forgiveness of self and others.
  • Discovering the WINS to live a better life.
  • Envisioning brighter tomorrows.

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“I’ve often said there’s nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse” — Ronald Reagan

The Healing Combination Of A Life Coach And Horses

During my years as a fitness professional, I found my greatest success when I was helping other women achieve their desired outcomes in their health and overall well-being. Now, as a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach, I partner with horses to help women on a deeper level.

When you combine a life coach with the presence of a horse, you’ve got the perfect combination for starting the healing process. Horses have an innate ability to see the truth, to hear our hearts, and bear witness to our souls. By offering so much to us, they can help us start the healing process and restore the fragmented pieces of our lives so that we may Love Our Life.

Why Chose A Life Coach?

I will help you discover the barriers, the WHYS,” holding you hostage and keeping you from achieving your greatest success.

I will help you create a blueprint for taking action NOW to achieve your goals.

Coaching with a life coach and a horse is far more unique than other coaching modalities.

The experience is engaging, rewarding, and can be fun while you explore your next steps in life.

Partnering with her horse Cody, Vonie utilizes the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method to help her clients to achieve personal growth and healing.

Sessions are 1.5 to 2 hours.

Schedule your coaching session today.

Women’s Equine Gestalt Group – Healing Through Horses will resume in the spring of 2020.

For more information go to Women’s Equine Gestalt Group found at Meetup.com

Phone coaching sessions are weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Scheduling is based on the coaching package selected.

Coaching sessions also available via Zoom.

Check back for upcoming workshops.

Tail Testimonials

“Vonie, you are an amazing, dynamic woman whose life experiences and coaching instincts are going to benefit so many. I am inspired by your drive and determination, and believe you and Cody will be an awesome coaching partnership – big love to you both!”

Lorrin M. , Kansas

“Vonie, I am so impressed with the direction you are headed with your life. Having known you since we were young teenagers, I’ve been witness to the many different paths you have faced. Now, even the way you express yourself is with an excitement that’s infectious and I want to know what it is — I want what you’re having! Best wishes and blessings to you my dear friend.”

Nellie M., Vancouver, WA

“Vonie is a very caring compassionate coach. She gently helped me through a dark time in my life. If you are considering a coach, I highly recommend her.”

Beth B. , New Douglas, IL