I’m Vonie, a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach, and horsewoman dedicated to helping women to Heal Their Hearts and Love Their Life.

Healing through horses is not your typical life coaching session


Are You…
  • Ready to heal your heart?
  • Figure out what you want and go after it?
  • Take responsibility for your emotional health?
  • Lighten your load?
  • Change those habits that are holding you back?
  • Interested in being coached by a horse?
It Starts With…
  • An examination of the heart’s journey – bringing closure to the past and releasing that which holds the heart hostage.
  • Healing through forgiveness of self and others.
  • Discovering the WINS to live a better life.
  • Envisioning brighter tomorrows.

Call or email me today to schedule a FREE 30-minute coaching consultation (360) 904-7867 / vonie@atailofnewbeginnings.com

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“I’ve often said there’s nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse” — Ronald Reagan

The Healing Combination Of A Life Coach And Horses

In the many years that I was a fitness professional, I found my greatest success when I was helping other women achieve their desired outcomes in their health and overall well-being. Now, as a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach, I partner with horses to help women on a deeper level.

When you combine a life coach with the presence of a horse you’ve got the perfect combination for starting the healing process. Horses have an innate ability to see the truth, to hear our hearts, and bear witness to our souls. By offering so much to us, they can help us start the healing process and restore the fragmented pieces of our lives; restoring our hearts so that we may Love Our Life.

Work With Me

Come to an equine assisted coaching session, workshop or event and learn more about how a life coach and a horse can help you Heal Your Heart & Love Your Life. Some of the topics covered include health & wellness, understanding our values, healing emotions of the heart, and much more.

One-on-One Sessions are available with Vonie and her equine partner.  With her training as a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach, Vonie works with her clients using a wide variety of coaching tools that will help facilitate personal growth and healing.

Coaching sessions are 1.5 to 2 hours in length. Complete confidentiality is maintained. Vonie meets with individuals, mothers and daughters, couples or groups.

If you are working with a local therapist, the therapist is invited to attend and observe the session.

The Healing Power of Horses

This Meetup group will resume in the Spring – Join us for this ongoing Monday evening Meetup from 6:30 to 8:30 pm and discover how a horse and a coach can help you Heal Your Heart and Love Your Life.

Using Gestalt Therapy, NLP, Somatics, and a variety of other coaching tools, there are plenty of opportunities for self-discovery. What brings us joy? Which emotions are driving you? Let a horse and a coach help you figure out the answers to these questions and more.

Phone coaching sessions are weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The schedule all depends on the amount of coaching you’d like and the package you select.

Coaching sessions can also be via Skype or Zoom.

Periodically Vonie hosts workshops on a variety of topics.

So far, they have included –

Please Understand Me

Minimizing Negative Self-Talk

Look Back/Look Forward

Health & Wellness Wednesdays

Juggling the Many Demands of Life & Business


Tail Testimonials

“Vonie, you are an amazing, dynamic woman whose life experiences and coaching instincts are going to benefit so many. I am inspired by your drive and determination, and believe you and Cody will be an awesome coaching partnership – big love to you both!”

Lorrin M. , Kansas

“Vonie, I am so impressed with the direction you are headed with your life. Having known you since we were young teenagers, I’ve been witness to the many different paths you have faced. Now, even the way you express yourself is with an excitement that’s infectious and I want to know what it is — I want what you’re having! Best wishes and blessings to you my dear friend.”

Nellie M., Vancouver, WA

“Vonie is a very caring compassionate coach. She gently helped me through a dark time in my life. If you are considering a coach, I highly recommend her.”

Beth B. , New Douglas, IL