I’m Vonie, a heart health life coach, writer, longtime fitness professional and horsewomen dedicated to helping women to achieve their best health and well-being.

Healing through horses is not your typical therapy session

Are you…

  • Needing to heal your heart physically and emotionally?
  • Looking for alternative heart therapy?
  • Interested in horse therapy?
  • Ready to make the changes to live your best life?

As a nearby Vancouver life coach, I can help you achieve your greatest health and wellness. It starts with an examination of the heart’s journey – bringing closure to the past and releasing that which holds the heart hostage, healing through forgiveness of self and others, discovering ways to live a better life today, and envisioning brighter tomorrows. Call me today to schedule a FREE 30-minute coaching consultation (360) 904-7867 or email me to get started.

“I call horses ‘divine mirrors’

they reflect back the emotions you put in.

If you put in love and respect and kindness

and curiosity, the horse will return that.”

Allan Hamilton

The Power Of Horse Therapy And Life Coaching

As a Vancouver life coach, my passion for assisting women of all ages in finding healing through Equine Life Coaching led me to the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®, where I gained the knowledge and skills to do just that. I am here to assist you in finding your self-empowerment, to create within you a sense of wholeness by bringing light and laughter to your soul, my knowledge of health and fitness to your body, and creating new beginnings for you even through times of difficulty and emotionally draining life circumstances.

Workshops and Events

Come to workshop or event and learn more about equine therapy and life coaching. Some of the topics covered include; life coaching, horse therapy and coaching, how I help women with heart disease and how heart health coaching works, and general health and wellness guidance.


Learn powerful solutions for effective time management, stress relief, engaging community support and minimizing negative self-talk to help you juggle the many demands of life and business. Connect with fellow business owners in a retreat setting

This Meetup is for women who are looking to create a new beginning for themselves.

Start Date: Monday, April 23 (Every Monday)
Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (PST)
Cost: $25 (Suggested Donation for Meetup Costs)
Register: Call 360-904-7867 or by email

This Meetup is an opportunity to join with other women to seek clarity, self-discovery, receive emotional support, and to find healing on many levels. The only thing you need to bring is YOU and your willingness – to be honest, and open with yourself and others.


24/7Year Round
One on One Tuition
Semi – private Also Available
Available at Any Level
Wide Range of Times
Recent Workshops

Tail Testimonials

“Vonie, you are an amazing, dynamic woman whose life experiences and coaching instincts are going to benefit so many. I am inspired by your drive and determination, and believe you and Cody will be an awesome coaching partnership – big love to you both!”

Lorrin M. , Kansas

“Vonie, I am so impressed with the direction you are headed with your life. Having known you since we were young teenagers, I’ve been witness to the many different paths you have faced. Now, even the way you express yourself is with an excitement that’s infectious and I want to know what it is — I want what you’re having! Best wishes and blessings to you my dear friend.”

Nellie M., Vancouver, WA

“Vonie is a very caring compassionate coach. She gently helped me through a dark time in my life. If you are considering a coach, I highly recommend her.”

Beth B. , New Douglas, IL