Meet Vonie – A Friend’s View

Vonie Kalich is a dynamic coach and teacher who walks her talk. When she sets out to accomplish something, she doesn’t hold anything back, and she motivates her clients to do the same. Vonie has enjoyed helping people achieve their health and fitness goals for more than 25 years, teaching and managing group fitness programs and college-level Physical Education Classes. She is a natural leader and tends to gravitate to management positions where she can apply her impressive organizational and educational abilities while also inspiring and encouraging her team.

In her forties, Vonie not only completed two B.S. Degrees from Portland State University – one in Physical Activity & Exercise and the other in Community Health. At the age of 45, she realized a lifelong dream; met and acquired her first horse, Royal. True to her nature, Vonie fully embraced her new life as a horsewoman, trusting her new equine partner to help her learn as she went. In her words, she and Royal “survived each other” and in the process, developed a deep and trusting bond. They rode at the beach, in the mountains, in parades, and fairs; they tried their hooves at cow sorting and penning, played with barrels and poles, and even a drill team. Later on, they also took lessons together – perhaps that should have come first! Whatever they tried, Royal took care of Vonie – teaching, supporting, and holding space for her as she made her way in the world. He introduced her to the deep and soulful connection that horses invite us all into, healing her and standing by her through life’s challenges. As Royal grew older, Vonie was chosen by a sweet young gelding named Cody, and he ultimately took over as Vonie’s partner when Royal moved on from his physical body.

Vonie has deep compassion for her clients. She brings a healthy dose of humor, love, and enthusiasm for her work, helping people to find their best, most healthy self.

Vonie holds certifications in Personal Training through ACE – American Council on Exercise, Stott Pilates, YogaFit, and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching – Level 1 through the C.H.E.K. Institute and, then become a Certified Practitioner in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®. Vonie blends her passion for coaching with her equine coaching partner, Cody, with her love of health, wellness, and fitness to help others to live into their passions.

A Tail of New Beginnings is dedicated to Royal (pictured above), who has since passed away, my horse Cody, and all other horses. Tail as I fondly call my business, is also a commitment to my journey of self-exploration, healing, and personal empowerment.