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Let Your Dreams Blossom

Let Your Dreams Blossom With holidays in full swing and winter temperatures upon us, it’s hard to imagine things blooming, and yet, here I wonder what I could bloom both personally and professionally during the winter months? Of course, January is just around the corner, and that means many people will be setting the traditional […]

Divorce the Story

Divorce the Story   I was out for a run this morning and listening to one of my favorite podcasters, Marie Forleo, and an interview she was doing with the author of WorkParty. They were discussing the author’s failure with her first business, the lessons she’d learned along the way, and how she built her […]

Are You Listening?

Are You Listening?   It was May of 2017; I took a new job and moved out of the area to work for a resort in another part of the state. Shortly after my move, I published a blog post titled “A Rite of Passage.”  The blog post was about my limiting beliefs and how I moved […]

The Fourth-Grade Teacher

During my training to become an Equine Gestalt Coach (Life Coach), I worked on my values and what I believed to be true about them. Those beliefs drove my decision making, my behaviors, and judgments of people and events that I held to be most important in life. Although I knew what most inspired me, […]

A Rite of Passage

There came a time recently where I had to put on my “Big Girl Panties” and toughen myself up to what was. To remember this place and time is “For Now.” It is not permanent. My situation will improve. I had to put on my riding boots and dig in deep into the emotions that […]


Overcoming Obstacles

Like most New Year’s, 2017 was about overcoming obstacles, making a fresh start and filled with optimism and a sense of organization. Then a cold blast of winter hit our area leaving the city shut down. Cars were abandoned along the roads and highways, stuck in their driveways, and parking garages were leaving many people […]


Becoming a Heart Health Coach

After many wonderful years in the fitness industry, I decided to become a “Heart Health Coach” and embark upon a career path that would add greater value to my current career and give me the opportunity to grow, refine and advanced my skills towards connection with my students and clients. Consulting with a friend of […]

Food: Why Do I Stuff Myself

Teaching fitness for more than 25 years, I worked out a lot and ate healthy. Overeating was reserved for holiday feasts and social gatherings. I got away with the “scale shock” because I was working out and shedding those excess calories. On occasion “over eating” just happened! A family favorite, hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes, […]


H2O: Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Water the “Life Force” of our bodies. We can survive without food for sustained periods of time. Without water, we will perish quickly! Some Facts – Our bodies are made up of 50-78% water depending on your age and sex. Infants, percentage wise, are made up of more water than an adult. Women have less […]


Are You Living with The Pre-Menopausal Monster?

Perhaps pre-menopausal symptoms will pass you by or maybe the symptoms will come in small poofs of spontaneous combustion, leaving you perspiring, but not in a way to truly disrupt your life OR it perhaps it will hit you all at once, leaving you to wonder if you are a candidate for “One Flew Over […]