During my training to become an Equine Gestalt Coach (Life Coach), students were assigned the task of working on our values–those beliefs which drove our decision making, our behaviors, or judgments of people and events that we hold to be most important in life. We were asked to recall times when we believed in something or to reflect on events that happened in our lives that would give us pause to consider that it could be our values driving us.

Although I knew what most inspired me, I did not know what my values were until I began the process of looking at them and understanding the meaning behind them. It was an eye-opening experience, and I found I could use my values to help shape my future. To use them as a guide to steer me in directions that will be most beneficial versus detrimental to what I want to accomplish.
Here’s what I knew about myself before the sleuthing process began.

  1. I work best for myself or in institutions where I have the freedom to act and make decisions that I know will benefit the majority of the business. Working for other people who want to undermine or control my decision-making process and keep tabs on me puts me in a frame of, “hell no.”
  2. The health and fitness industry played and still does a significant career role in my life.
  3. Teaching, educating, guiding, leading, and influencing people to make their own decisions was not only important to me, but it became my life’s work in the fitness field and has now transferred into coaching people in a whole different and dynamic way.

What was interesting is I recognized education/teaching were in my top five values, and this is where the fourth-grade teacher comes in.

There I was, in front of the class, erasing the board and clearing it for me to teach. Palms sweaty with chalk in hand, I addressed the class. The feeling of nervousness and excitement are physiologically the same. I was both. My belly churning, my thoughts racing, a desire to run for the door and yet, I stood there and started to speak. The words were shaky and then got more relaxed as I felt myself move into the topic. I felt scared and on top of the world all at the same time. Thus it began, I wanted to teach, to educate, to be at the head of the class as a leader.

It was not until much later in life that I became a fitness professional. I, once again, stood at the head of the classroom under the scrutiny and watchful eye of the students who expected a significant return on their investment.

What an amazing career! The best part of the many years of teaching fitness, training private clients, and managing fitness programs and facilities were the students, the people, the teaching, and educating them saw the transformations that took place.
So, how do Gestalt Therapy and Horses help transform learning about ourselves?

Well, as a prey animal, horses are highly intuitive to their surroundings. They are intuitive to our thoughts and energy. They can read our body language, sense our energy, and practically read us like an open book. They know when we are not speaking our truth inside or outside of ourselves. They are naturally healing to us. Horses allow us to be “In the Moment.” We can be a human being versus a human doing. Being in the moment can help unlock buried emotions, states of being, and bring us back to a place of healing. We can find clarity, self-empowerment, and move towards action.

Take action and join Cody and Me! Saturday, May 19 for the workshop – Please Understand Me. Would love to have you.

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