Cody and I have been together since 2012. He was a rescue horse from Serenity Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation in Kent, WA. I had been in search of another horse, and the photograph of Cody on the rescue’s website drew me in. I inquired if he was still up for adoption and made the trip to Kent to meet him. We connected immediately! I asked his foster mom, Lorrin, why she chose me to adopt Cody. Her reply, “I didn’t, he did”! I am so glad he did!

Cody was willing and eager to learn, and we’ve learned so much together. He is a fantastic partner and co-facilitator in the coaching process. He always finds just the right moment to engage with the clients. His gentle and intuitive nature brings about a sense of calm and healing, which is a comfort to those working with us.


For as long as I can remember, I had wanted a horse and much to my surprise (I am no longer surprised at what the Universe provides for us) in November 2004, I became a horse owner for the first time. At the time I purchased Royal, my first horse, the only thing I knew about them is that I loved horses. I also had no experience or knowledge in their care and feeding. As I learned and grew in my horsemanship skills, Royal and I became a TEAM! Riding him, caring for him, and learning through him about myself created an entirely new world for me. Little did I know that this new world was just the beginning of what was brewing for my future?

Royal passed over the rainbow bridge on December 10, 2013. He is part of the “Herd” in spirit! He was a catalyst in my decision to enter into the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method and the inspiration for the business name, A Tail of New Beginnings. In the time that we shared together, we had many incredible adventures and opportunities for creating NEW BEGINNINGS. I look forward to sharing their love and healing gifts with you.