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Life Coaching Options

Life Coach Services

In Person, Via Skype, and Over the Phone! The beauty of these available life coaching options is that you do not have to be local to Vancouver or Portland to enjoy the benefits of the best life coaching! Discover life coaching options that suit your busy lifestyle. Contact me today to get started. Unlike counseling or other therapy modalities, Life Coaching is about helping you discover “what” in your life is holding you back from completing your goals and creating a balanced and fulfilling life. Having a clear picture is the tipping point in moving forward and leaving the past behind.

Together we will design a course of action that works and supports you in your achievements. I will be the listener and the cheering section while providing the encouragement and guidance needed for you to achieve the victories, wins, triumphs and “aha” moments where understanding and doing come together.

Why Choose phone coaching

Coaching, whether in person or over the phone, is a focus-based process, so why choose phone coaching?

  • Phone coaching sessions can be through video chat via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype.
  • Convenience and immediate access to support – no commute.
  • Our sessions are portable. No matter where you are in the country, our connection can happen.
  • You can relax in your own space while being coached.
  • There is no commuting to and from the coaching session.
  • Flexibility in time and day.

Phone coaching offers a lower price point than in-person coaching sessions making this option more financially accessible.

If you’ve experienced an Equine-Assisted coaching session, you’ll have an opportunity to continue the immersive work you began. Video coaching is an option, as well.

How Phone Coaching Can Support You

How we communicate with ourselves, whether through our thoughts or our spoken words, formulates and supports our beliefs about ourselves. If those beliefs are not in our best interest, a coach can help you to recognize the underlying messages and work towards creating a healthier voice.

Communication is everything, and without it, we don’t feel heard, let alone supported.

If you are stuck in your life and seek transformation, a coach can help you get a plan and execute that plan-making transformation achievable.

Coaching is a partnership! That partnership helps us to get solution-focused. Coaching supports and assists you in the facilitation of change. The coaching/client partnership holds the client accountable, all of which creates a stronger foundation.

Ease of Access – In addition to voice calling or video chat, phone coaching allows you access through text and email.

The results – better decisions, open to new thoughts and ideas, curiosity, healing relationships, mindful communication with yourself and others. Confidence, clarity, and motivation for life’s goals. Create lasting change.

Women’s Group Coaching

This Meetup is for women who are looking to create a new beginning for themselves. It is an opportunity to join with other women to seek clarity, self-discovery, receive emotional support, and to find healing on many levels. The only thing you need to bring is YOU and your willingness – to be honest, and open with yourself and others.

Our group will meet at the barn. You will meet my horse Cody, other horses, and myself. There is a meeting room at the barn as well, and sometimes we will utilize that space for specific topics.

Important Notes –

  • There is no horse experience required, as you will not be riding a horse.
  • If you are fearful of horses, you can remain on the other side of fencing and still participate.
  • This meeting is a sacred space. It is meant to be a safe place where you can share and be heard knowing that what you say is not open for others to discuss.
  • Bring water, a snack, and a journal if you wish.
  • Wear layers, as we will be in a covered outdoor arena.
  • Closed toed shoes are required – no matter what the weather.
  • Show up and hear what the horses have to say and be open to the experience.

“…the inside of a horse is good for the soul of all who chose to listen.”